Giving you a competitive edge

Why did we launch?

•To save you money

•To deliver better print plans

•Halo effect across other channels – the media multiplier effect

•Delivering you a higher ROI

Our approach

•Skill set


•Utilising PAMCo

•Passion & Enthusiasm, Care & Attention


•We can work with:

  • Your inhouse team
  • Strategic agency
  • Creative agency
  • Other media specialists (outdoor, radio, digital)
  • Media agencies

“The Press Business focusses on one medium, enabling clients to pick and choose who they work with in each discipline. There are specialists in other media sectors such as outdoor, digital and radio, but until now, press has usually been incorporated within a media mix offered by multi-disciplined agencies. But as the talent pool of press planners diminishes at agencies, there has never been a greater need than now for a specialist agency in this medium.”

— Steve Goodman

“As many advertising agencies strike lucrative deals with media owners, clients are encouraged to use those media where the deals have been struck rather than necessarily what is right for the client. At The Press Business we don’t do agency deals, we just use the right publications at the right price to deliver our clients objectives”

— Peter Thomson