Advertising in print media gets more results than Facebook

Insight article published in Print Power 11 . 10 . 21

For brands to survive in a competitive marketplace, building long-term awareness is crucial. And in a blow to social media, a definitive new study underlines how incredibly effective newspaper ads are for doing just that

Multi-channels boost your brand

“Steve Goodman is one ad man advocating a multi-channel approach. Formerly the Managing Director, Print Trading for Group M – the global media investment management company for WPP’s media agencies – he’s recently launched The Press Business, an agency that specialises in getting adverts into print newspapers. He believes that many clients are now re-evaluating their media mix, with the balance moving away from online-only and back to a multi-channel approach where print has an impressive booster effect on digital.”

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11 Apr 2022  | Article in The Media Leader

Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC, shares insights from recent research into media buyer and planner attitudes to audited data.

At the end of 2019, blissfully unaware of what 2020 had in store, we conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of the extent to which agency buyers and planners valued ABC data in their decision making.

Quality on two counts: the reassuring value of published media brands

Peter Thomson, founder of The Press Business, shared the additional point that this perception of value should work both ways, saying: “Media owners need to become better at using ABC data and charging accordingly, rather than just treating all their inventory as a commodity to be shifted”.

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